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Sisters Of Transistors

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Sisters Of Transistors

Sisters Of Transistors has been played on NTS shows including Manchester Digital Music Archive w/ Abigail Ward, with The Don first played on 15 April 2018.

Based at the "South Manchester Museum of Keyboard Technology,(S.M.M.O.K.T) "The Sisters Of Transistors"(S.O.T.) are a Combo Organ Quartet and Ladies Social Club. S.O.T. hold weekly afternoon workshops at the Museum. The brainchild of 808 State´s Graham Massey, their first release The Don / Pendulum arrived with mixes by Hot Chip and Acid Girls.

Members who graduated this year are Sister Wigby Elka Whippany Sister Ragna Teisco Dottir Sister Naomi Doric Pencrest & Sister Henrietta Vox Humana S.O.T. play…

The Don
Sisters Of Transistors
This Is Music2008
The Don
Sisters Of TransistorsThis Is Music2008