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Echidna Aukštyn

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Echidna Aukštyn

Echidna Aukštyn was first played on NTS on 21 April 2018. Songs played include Paskutinė '92 m. Vasaros Diena.

Echidna Aukštyn is the music vehichle of Jaras Ramunas who is also a writer, a poet and a composer. Music, which Jaras makes under this name can be described as avantgarde pop. However, we can find variuos influences: rock, jazz, rap. Echidna Aukštyn's lyrics contain lots of humour, and often critisize the social and political situation in Lithuania.

Echidna Aukštyn is known as Jaras Ramunas from now on. More info here:

Paskutinė '92 m. Vasaros Diena
Echidna Aukštyn
Tundra Records, BMK1995
Paskutinė '92 m. Vasaros Diena
Echidna AukštynTundra Records, BMK1995