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Electric Assembly

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Electric Assembly

Electric Assembly has been played on NTS in shows including Loose Bones, featured first on 9 April 2018. Songs played include Films Out Of Time .

Electric Assembly are a London-based band formed in 2004. Brought together by a shared love of music by Velvet Underground, Animal Collective, Spacemen 3, Boards of Canada, Flaming Lips, Miles Davis, Sonic Youth,Can, and Boredoms, they experiment with elements from krautrock, country, psychedelia, drone, shoegaze, ambient, and electronica.

The band's heroes are artists who take risks, break rules, push boundaries, make mistakes, experiment and inspire - artists who make music spontaneously and instinctively - heroic under-achievers, glorious failures and faded…

Films Out Of Time
Electric Assembly
Dream Driven Recordings2010
Films Out Of Time
Electric AssemblyDream Driven Recordings2010