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Robert Ellis Orrall

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Robert Ellis Orrall

Robert Ellis Orrall was first played on NTS on 18 May 2018. Songs played include She Takes A Chance.

Massachusetts native Robert Ellis Orrall had his first hit in the late 1970s with the Carlene Carter duet "I Couldn't Say No". He signed to RCA Records in 1993 and released the album Flying Colors. This album included two top 40 country hits: "Boom! It Was Over" and "A Little Bit of Her Love". One album with Curtis Wright as the duo Orrall & Wright followed in 1994. Although most of Orrall's subsequent recordings have been indie country and rock albums, he continues to write songs…

She Takes A Chance
Robert Ellis Orrall
She Takes A Chance
Robert Ellis OrrallRCA1984