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Sir Edgar Carpenter

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Sir Edgar Carpenter

Sir Edgar Carpenter has been played on NTS shows including Lee Gamble, with The Persistence Of Memory Pt. 3 first played on 21 May 2018.

Sir Edgar Carpenter is an active young sound artist from Mexico City, focused in experimental music and sound transformation, working sonce 2008. He debuted in the underground noise scene from internet, with the release of his debut album "Rage", in 2010. He's the founder of his main netlabel, Scriptsound Recordings.

Edgar is known in the internet for his noise tribute albums made for animated TV series. These couple of albums are part from his "Killing Cartoon Society" Saga. At the moment,…

The Persistence Of Memory Pt. 3
Sir Edgar Carpenter
Amigos De La Contaminación Sonora2010
The Persistence Of Memory Pt. 3
Sir Edgar CarpenterAmigos De La Contaminación Sonora2010