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Carina Andersson

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Carina Andersson

Carina Andersson has been played on NTS shows including We Are… w/ Paul Camo, with Spiritually Active Understanding [S.A.U.] (Main Mix) first played on 18 October 2014.

A Free Spirit, a term overused loosely these days but there are few better words to describe Swedish born vocalist Carina Anderson. Carina is a true artist in the literal sense, balancing her music with her love for painting, studied and trained as a classical Opera singer but then as a young girl in Blekinge, Southern Sweden discovered Soul, Blues and Jazz. Carina’s musical fusion lead her to work with one of London’s finest ‘4hero’ where the combination…

Spiritually Active Understanding [S.A.U.] (Main Mix)
Hopper, Carina Andersson
Twisted Funk2002
Spiritually Active Understanding [S.A.U.] (Main Mix)
Hopper, Carina AnderssonTwisted Funk2002