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Céu Da Boca

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Céu Da Boca

Céu Da Boca was first played on NTS on 2 June 2018. Songs played include Bumba Meu Boi Da Boa Hora.

Céu da Boca was a young brazilian singing group compound by eleven people. The members of Céu da Boca sang together with a bigger choral group in a Music School name “Pró Arte” in Rio de Janeiro. After one of rehearsal teachers was fired a part of the choral left leaving the original 11 group members of Céu da Boca, first named “Desbundetto” and renamed for the name they're known. The trebles Verônica Sabino, Rosa Lobo and Lidia Sacharny, the altos Maúcha Adnet, Paula Martins and…

Bumba Meu Boi Da Boa Hora
Céu Da Boca
Ceu Da Boca1981
Bumba Meu Boi Da Boa Hora
Céu Da BocaCeu Da Boca1981