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Toto Coelo

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Toto Coelo

Toto Coelo has been played on NTS in shows including Assorted Sounds w/ Zac Jackson , featured first on 3 June 2018. Songs played include Milk From The Coconut (Part 1).

Toto Coelo (renamed Total Coelo in the USA) was a 1980s British new wave vocal group masterminded by producer Barry Blue, comprising singers Anita Mahadervan, Lacey Bond, Lindsey Danvers, Ros Holness (daughter of UK TV host Bob Holness) & Sheen Doran.

The group are best known for their quirky 1982 hit single I Eat Cannibals, which reached the top ten in the UK and was also a hit in many other countries.

The group's name is…

Milk From The Coconut (Part 1)
Toto Coelo
Milk From The Coconut (Part 1)
Toto CoeloRadialchoice1983