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Lucien Dubuis Trio

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Lucien Dubuis Trio

Lucien Dubuis Trio has been played on NTS in shows including Jameszoo Fool Radio, featured first on 14 June 2018. Songs played include Space Invaders.

A tremendous roar of life. Simple and heart-wrenching. Lucien Dubuis' music is the result of new definitions, new horizons. Simultaneously modern and primitive, it achieves to be concept-driven while using a teenage language of revolution. Imagine a chromosomic mingling of a touch of John Coltrane genes and the DNA of the Beastie Boys: the Crossover Jazz Trio just enjoys playing the jazz stuff, just as Madonna would enjoy sex after a year in jail, with lust !

Space Invaders
Lucien Dubuis Trio, Marc Ribot
Enja Records2009
Space Invaders
Lucien Dubuis Trio, Marc RibotEnja Records2009