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Andreea Bălan

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Andreea Bălan

Andreea Balan is a romanian pop-singer, dancer and actress. She became famous when she was 12 years old as a member of the most succesful girl band from all times in Romania - Andre. The group was rewarded with 5 platinums and 1 gold for over 1 500 000 records sold in 3 years. She started a solo career in 2002 and since then she released 5 albums and 14 videos. In 2007 she represented Romania at the international dancing competition "Bailando por un sueno - El primer campeonato mondial de baile" in Mexico, where she won the second place. She also won the…

Te Joci Cu Mine
Andreea Balan
EMI Capitol De Mexico2008
Te Joci Cu Mine
Andreea BalanEMI Capitol De Mexico2008