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Voyager 8

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Voyager 8

Voyager 8 has been played on NTS in shows including AD 93 w/ Tasker, featured first on 24 June 2018. Songs played include We Left The Planet.

In December 2010, members of ACID BABY JESUS and HELLSHOVEL collided in Athens, Greece, dug deep into their bottomless well of weirdness and crept forth with a ghostly experiment called VOYAGER 8. This landmark exercise in extraterrestrial psychedelia has manifested in a 10” vinyl 4 track maxi-EP dripping with delirious, synthesizer driven cosmos-rock. Massive, meteor crumbling riffs copulate with tribal martian beats. Vox swirls like the hypnotic eyes of Korla Pandit, and Voyager 8’s molecular vibration finally adds…

We Left The Planet
Voyager 8
We Left The Planet
Voyager 8Synewave1994