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Dwilt Sharpp

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Dwilt Sharpp

Dwilt Sharpp has been played on NTS in shows including BRWN w/ Ahwlee & Pink Siifu, featured first on 25 June 2018. Songs played include I Need You Close.

A hypnotic and sensual genius, Dwilt Sharpp's eclectic and vast world evolves within dreams and reality at the same time. Bathed in influences such as the electronic music of Debra Derbyshire, the prog rock of Soft Machine, Herbie Hancock's deep soul, and Hiroshi Teshigahara films to name just a few, sex and and duality will be the key players in Dwilt Sharpp's forthcoming album on Favorite Recordings.

I Need You Close
Dwilt Sharpp, Lorett Fleur
Favorite Recordings2009
I Need You Close
Dwilt Sharpp, Lorett FleurFavorite Recordings2009