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Rasthof Dachau

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Rasthof Dachau

Rasthof Dachau has been played on NTS shows including The Lunacy of Flowers w/ Dave ID, with Modern Times first played on 2 July 2018.

Rasthof Dachau is an Austrian power-electronics/industrial band consisting of Max Presch & M. Sägmüller, and one of Steinklang Industries premiere bands.

Their first release "Schmerztherapie '93," a split VHS of the legendary performance in Salzburg with Genocide Organ. Rasthof Dachau's part included sound material exclusively generated from human breathing and electricity without use of any instruments or synthetic sound source.

Later they released "Blut Und Boden," their highly acclaimed record which depicted their older sound. After various splits, guest appearances, and…

Modern Times
Rasthof Dachau
Steinklang Industries2006
Modern Times
Rasthof DachauSteinklang Industries2006