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Larry Wu

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Larry Wu

Larry Wu has been played on NTS shows including Qendresa, with Let Me Show You (Long Vocal) first played on 5 July 2018.

Session musician Larry Wu (a.k.a. Larry Wedgeworth) hails from New York and is a singer, songwriter and producer.

Larry first appeared on the music scene in 1980 with an unusual single entitled 'No More Games' on the Massachusetts based label Groovehall Records under the name of Larry Wedgeworth And Clique.

The single was unusual in as much as it was recorded as the 'Official Fight Song Of The Boston Celtics'.

After a move to Atlantic Records, Larry recorded 'Let Me Show You' in 1984 under…

Let Me Show You (Long Vocal)
Larry Wu
Let Me Show You (Long Vocal)
Larry WuAtlantic1984