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Guitar Vader

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Guitar Vader

Guitar Vader has been played on NTS in shows including Ostaku, featured first on 3 July 2018. Songs played include Super Brothers.

Hailing from Tokyo, Japan, Guitar Vader is: Ujuan (vocals, bass), Miki (vocals, guitar), Suzuki (drums), and Steve (live keyboards). Originally formed by Miki and Ujuan in 1998, GVR is probably best known in the West for their contributions to the Dreamcast game Jet Set Radio (originally released in America as Jet Grind Radio) and it's Xbox sequel Jet Set Radio Future.

You can hear more from Guitar Vader, and buy their albums through, a subsidary company for

Factbox (?) They formed in…

Super Brothers
Guitar Vader
Berry Records1999
Super Brothers
Guitar VaderBerry Records1999