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Suum Cuique

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Suum Cuique

Suum Cuique has been played on NTS in shows including Into The Outer w/ House of Traps, featured first on 7 July 2018. Songs played include Kuiper Anomaly.

Suum Cuique (pronouned Soom Kwi-Kwe, Latin for “To Each His Own”) is a solo project of Miles Whittaker, a.k.a. MLZ (Demdike Stare, Pendle Coven, Slant Azymuth).

The project explores uncharted, experimental, and personal synthscapes, guided by the hand of intuition with an entirely analogue array of machines. Immense, dark and unbelievably heavy analogue productions somewhere between Eleh, Pan Sonic and Eliane Radigue.

Suum Cuique has released two albums, Midden (2010) and Ascetic Ideals (2012).

Kuiper Anomaly
Suum Cuique
Modern Love2012
Kuiper Anomaly
Suum CuiqueModern Love2012