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John Sangster

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John Sangster

John Sangster has been played on NTS shows including Acid Memories w/ Astral Vibes, with Desert Ritual first played on 11 July 2018.

Born on the 17th November, 1928, John Sangster was a central and charismatic figure in Australian jazz. An accomplished and highly innovative performer, he started out playing traditional jazz with Graeme Bell and his Australian Jazz Band on trombone, later taking up the cornet, and then drums. He toured several times with Bell between 1950 and 1955, playing in Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and Korea.

In the 1960s Sangster played at the El Rocco, a famous Sydney venue for modern…

Desert Ritual
John Sangster
Standard Music Library1974
Desert Ritual
John SangsterStandard Music Library1974