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Petr Skoumal

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Petr Skoumal

Petr Skoumal was first played on NTS on 12 May 2017. Songs played include Poločas Rozpadu.

Petr Skoumal (7 March 1938-28 September 2014) is a Czech musician and composer. Skoumal focuses on film music. He also composes music for animated short-stories (i.e. Pat & Mat, Maxipes Fík). In the past he made with Jan Vodňanský several stage performances in The Drama Club. After break-up of the duo he made several albums for adults, echoing the communist times (i.e. Half-life, March). In the nineties he started as series of albums for children, based on texts of Emanuel Frynta, Pavel Šrut and Jan Vodňanský (i.e. If the…

Poločas Rozpadu
Petr Skoumal
Poločas Rozpadu
Petr SkoumalBonton1990