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The Submissives

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The Submissives

The Submissives has been played on NTS in shows including Homeshake, featured first on 16 May 2017. Songs played include Do You Really Love Me?.

The Submissives were a notable B&D and S&M themed hardcore punk band from Portland, OR comprised of three of the biggest names in the American hardcore scene. The bands members included Pig Champion (a.k.a. Tom Roberts) from Poison Idea, Dave Dictor from MDC, and Steve Andrews from Naked Violence. The songs were almost exclusively about men wanting to be dominated by women.

Dave Dictor said of the project in a 2007 interview: “It was a glorious and fabulous project out on…

Do You Really Love Me?
The Submissives
Fixture Records2016
Do You Really Love Me?
The SubmissivesFixture Records2016