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Michel Waisvisz

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Michel Waisvisz

Michel Waisvisz has been played on NTS shows including RVNG Intl. Presents Friends & Fiends, with A Cheval first played on 24 June 2021.

Michel Waisvisz (1949-2008) was born on the 8th of July 1949 and lead STEIM, the dutch assosciation for electro-instrumental music, as a director for 27 years. Moving to and from between serious and light music, Michel Waisvisz already collaborated with Laurie Anderson, Steve Lacy and the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra among others. His manifold and varied activities are not making it easy for the listener. But all his experiments with self developed sound generators – in which one is always able…

A Cheval
Michel Waisvisz
FMP, Claxon1978
A Cheval
Michel WaisviszFMP, Claxon1978