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Jeremy Dower

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Jeremy Dower

Jeremy Dower was first played on NTS on 13 June 2017. Songs played include I'm Coming To Get You.

Jeremy began recording and performing in the late ‘90s, at first using the unpronounceable moniker Tetrphnm playing gigs with the Clan Analogue collective, but released his much loved debut,Sentimental Dance Music For Couples in 2000 under his own name on respected US electronic label Plug Research. Over time he gradually moved away from a beats-based, dancefloor style towards something richer, layered and more personal. He says of himself: “faux jazz, kitsch - I like to see beauty in junk. I like to think of my…

I'm Coming To Get You
Jeremy Dower
Plug Research2000
I'm Coming To Get You
Jeremy DowerPlug Research2000