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Adam Taylor

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Adam Taylor

Adam Taylor has been played on NTS shows including The Monolith w/ PBDY, with Chased first played on 30 May 2017.

No Poet starts with a punch. Literally. On the first day of pre-production, Adam Taylor, 20-year-old folk artist and troubadour, had a fistfight with his producer—his older brother. As a young adult in Lancaster, PA, Taylor watched his older brother, Chad Taylor, tour the world as one of the founding members of LIVE. "Not every musician gets a mentor that has sold 25 million records. I get wonderful advice," says Adam of his rock and roll predecessor. “ The first day into recording No Poet, we decided that “Oliver” needed…

Adam Taylor
Invada, Lakeshore Records2017
Adam TaylorInvada, Lakeshore Records2017