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Pio Lobato

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Pio Lobato

Pio Lobato has been played on NTS shows including Autotune the World w/ Christopher Kirkley, with Cultura Do Pará first played on 11 May 2017.

Guitarist Pio Lobato has always sought new borders, accents and trials specifically designed for the instrument in the Amazon. Since the 90's, the musician of Belem was a pioneer in studying the "guitarrada"-genre emerged in northern Brazil in the 70's unique fusion of choro, merengue and young guard in the technique of guitar players in the region, created by Mestre Vieira from Barcarena, city the Brazilian state of Para. Musician from Federal University of Para, from 1997, based on his…

Cultura Do Pará
Pio Lobato
Mais Um Discos2010
Cultura Do Pará
Pio LobatoMais Um Discos2010