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Hell Preachers Inc.

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Hell Preachers Inc.

Hell Preachers Inc. has been played on NTS in shows including We Are… w/ Paul Camo, featured first on 14 July 2018. Songs played include Preacher Man.

A big classic from the psychedelic era, the "Supreme Psychedelic Underground" exploitation album is said to have been recorded by Deep Purple, which band members Jon Lord, Ritchie Blackmore and Ian Paice have always denied. In any case, this sounds more Deep Purple than Lord & Co. themselves! Very close to the sound of "Shades Of Deep Purple" album, it contains some great hammond works, guitar pirotecnics with loads of wah wah and distortion and psychedelic vocals. The…

Preacher Man
Hell Preachers Inc.
Preacher Man
Hell Preachers Inc.Europa1968