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Chain Reaction

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Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction has been played on NTS in shows including House Call, featured first on 15 July 2018. Songs played include Lady In Red.

There are 6 music acts named Chain Reaction, and one radio show.

Musical acts: An Amsterdam based hardstyle DJ/producer An old school furious Italian hardcore from the 80s. An American hard rock band from the late 60s. A NWOBHM band from Kent (UK), formed in '83. A Polish metal band from Warsaw, PL, which was created in 2002. This biography covers the third band. A young melodic hardcore band from Barcelona, Spain. A Canadian hip-hop artist from Calgary, Alberta. A heavy metal/hard rock band from the Netherlands.

Chain Reaction (DJ) Amsterdam…
Lady In Red
Chain Reaction
Oshowleo Records1971
Lady In Red
Chain ReactionOshowleo Records1971