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Marie Daulne

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Marie Daulne

Marie Daulne has been played on NTS shows including Public Order w/ Jlte & Lawson Benn, with Ferris Wheel first played on 13 December 2012.

Marie Daulne is the lead singer and founder of the group Zap Mama. Born to a Belgian father and Congolese mother, she grew up both in countries. She specializes in polyphonic, harmonic music with a mixture of heavily infused African instruments, Rhythm and blues, and Hip-hop. Daulne emphasizes voice in all her music, as she says "the voice is an instrument itself".

Ferris Wheel
Common feat. Marie Daulne, Vinia Mojica
MCA Records2002
Ferris Wheel
Common feat. Marie Daulne, Vinia MojicaMCA Records2002