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Fathead has been played on NTS shows including Wine Lips, with Lost Mi Love first played on 25 March 2014.

1) Fathead is a Canadian blues combo active since 1992. Its smoky soul-infused style may remind listeners of the Robert Cray band.

Fathead may be the best blues and roots band to come out of Canada since Ronnie Hawkins hired the future-Band to become his backup group, The Hawks, in the mid-1950s. An ultra-tight ensemble, Fathead brings together the most respected musicians in the United States' northern neighbor to create an energetic blend of funk, soul and rockin' blues. "Real Blues" referred to the group's harp…

Lost Mi Love
Yellowman feat. Fathead
Greensleeves Records1982
Lost Mi Love
Yellowman feat. FatheadGreensleeves Records1982