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Obenewa has been played on NTS in shows including THE POÆTRY SHOW w/ James Massiah, featured first on 12 February 2014. Songs played include Love & Hate You.

Obenewa is an English singer-songwriter.

Thoughtful and heartfelt, Obenewa's ear-pleasing vocals and lyrical honesty allows listeners to empathise with the tales that unfold before their ears.

Classically trained on piano from the age of four and picking up the guitar in her teens, Obenewa's musicality see’s no boundaries.

Her talent has led her to share the stage with artists like Marsha Ambrosius and Anthony Hamilton.

After dropping her free mixtape "Therapy" at the tail end of 09 and gigging with The…

Love & Hate You
Dego feat. Obenewa
2000 Black2011
Love & Hate You
Dego feat. Obenewa2000 Black2011