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Andrew Wyatt

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Andrew Wyatt

Andrew Wyatt has been played on NTS shows including THE POÆTRY SHOW w/ James Massiah, with Heavy And Rolling first played on 31 January 2015.

Andrew Wyatt began his career in music years ago in his native city of New York where he made a name for himself playing with Joan Wasser and members of the Jeff Buckley Band in Black Beetle, as well as Michael Tighe's post-punk revival band The A.M. After some "eventful" years involved in pop songwriting, his curiosity led him down the garden path and he decided he would try his luck writing music for an orchestra. He says,…

Heavy And Rolling
Mark Ronson feat. Andrew Wyatt
RCA, Sony Music2015
Heavy And Rolling
Mark Ronson feat. Andrew WyattRCA, Sony Music2015