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Pachino has been played on NTS in shows including Tiffany Calver, featured first on 6 April 2016. Songs played include Drip For A Milli.

Hip Hop & Rap Singer start at his 13 years old to produce music writing texts , recording demoes , to raise the flow , training… borned at Azerbajan , Baku (Caucas Area) at 1990.. at 1994 moved to Israel and start his new life like a little boy without anything. today he live in Haifa , Israel make his music in this little country.

Pachino's History : start his career at 13 years old its was more like training untill 15 years old… then he…

Drip For A Milli
Famous Dex feat. Pachino
Not On Label2016
Drip For A Milli
Famous Dex feat. PachinoNot On Label2016