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Dutchess has been played on NTS shows including No White Tees , with Fast Money first played on 6 November 2016.

Directly following the Belgian-Finnish Conflict, former Les Savy Favian Gibb Slife found himself in Louvain-La-Neuve, just South of Brussels, on an U.N sponsored good will tour. Playing in the ruins of a burnt out cathedral, a face in the crowd caught his attention.

Defying strict codes against fraternization between musical troops and refugees, Slife met Marike Damhuis. By sunrise they had six songs. Dutchess, as they would come to call their union, was born.

Now the issue was to safely smuggle Marike out of Belgium. Slife,…

Fast Money
Mac Dre feat. Dutchess, Kokane, Warren G
Romp Records, Swerve Records1999
Fast Money
Mac Dre feat. Dutchess, Kokane, Warren GRomp Records, Swerve Records1999