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Chella H

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Chella H

Chella H was first played on NTS on 3 March 2017. Songs played include PLB (Zora Jones Edit).

Chella H. was born and raised in Chicago, roughest projects. Although she grew up fatherless, and watched her mama battle drug addiction until she turned 14, she started writing songs, using music to reach into the souls of her peers. Shortly after, her brother went to prison, leaving her once again without a man in the house, so she moved out and hit the streets to get on. She dealt with men twice her age, peddled drugs, and basically did what had to be done to make…

PLB (Zora Jones Edit)
Sasha Go Hard feat. Chella H
Fractal Fantasy2015
PLB (Zora Jones Edit)
Sasha Go Hard feat. Chella HFractal Fantasy2015