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Mudd has been played on NTS in shows including Kutmah Presents: Sketchbook Radio, featured first on 12 April 2017. Songs played include Rock With You.

There are two artists named Mudd on this artists page.

The first: From his early days breaking on the mean streets of Hertfordshire, through his introduction to house music in the late 80s and his involvement with UK nu-house pioneers Akwaaba, Paul has always lived and breathed music.

Growing up in St.Albans, Paul was initially enthused, like so many of his generation, by the twin delights of the early hip hop sounds emanating from New York and the reckless pleasure of BMX. Joining…

Rock With You
Heralds Of Change feat. Mudd, Unknown
All City Records2007
Rock With You
Heralds Of Change feat. Mudd, UnknownAll City Records2007