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King Sunshine

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King Sunshine

King Sunshine has been played on NTS shows including Expansions w/ Contours & Yadava, with Mess I Made first played on 27 April 2017.

King Sunshine illuminates disco roots and drop inflections of funk and dance rhythms, reinventing house music and driving the whole fusion over the red line. Imagine… nine musicians transformed into one “live” DJ. Comprised of keyboards/synths, heart pounding drums/percussion, deep bass, slick guitar, intense electronics, tight horns and soulful vocals. King Sunshine has been lighting dance floors on fire since 1998 as a highly skilled and electric live act. KS has redefined the concert going experience.


Mess I Made
The Rotating Assembly feat. King Sunshine
Sound Signature2004
Mess I Made
The Rotating Assembly feat. King SunshineSound Signature2004