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Coin Locker Kid

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Coin Locker Kid

Slithered from the ether by way of Woman's womb, suckled at Her bosom until she dried and died, struggled out, straightened the spine and began to walk on His hind legs, staggered from the hinterlands, erected His domain from the scorched earth He walked upon, scrapped dirt from off the mountains and prodded the cattle, slaughtered the lamb and drained its blood, felt His belly grow fat and rubbed it with a dim satisfaction. Bestowed a name upon Himself and set forth to strike gold in a Kingdom of Exuberance, watching night watchers waiting in the wings. Found oil in the ground; reaping the…

The Beginning
Quakers feat. Coin Locker Kid
Stones Throw Records2012
The Beginning
Quakers feat. Coin Locker KidStones Throw Records2012