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Eric Biddines

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Eric Biddines

Eric Biddines has been played on NTS shows including Chris P Cuts, with Jonestown first played on 2 August 2017.

Eric Biddines (born Ocala, Florida) is an American rapper, vocalist, and record producer based in Palm Beach, Florida. He has released several albums on his label planetcoffeebean, and in 2010 was nominated for Independent Artist of the Year at the Palm Beach Hip Hop Awards. His album, The Local Cafe, was released in 2017, with the music video for the track "Railroads Down/Unfished" released to MTV2 and MTV Jams in April 2014. He has released several other music videos as well. A second album, Toilet…

Jehst feat. Eric Biddines, Strange U
YNR Productions2017
Jehst feat. Eric Biddines, Strange UYNR Productions2017