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John Foster

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John Foster

John Foster was first played on NTS on 14 November 2017. Songs played include I Can Do Without That (Losing You) (Words).

John Foster hails from Oklahoma--the Heart of a nation steeped in a rich musical tradition.

John's gifts attracted the attention of country singer Sammy Kershaw, who saw him performing on stage at a theme park and soon invited him to join the Sammy Kershaw Band. He has also performed with the legendary Beach Boys, who on the recommendation of a mutual friend, challenged him on the spot to sing a few numbers over the phone, and were sufficiently impressed to send him a plane…

I Can Do Without That (Losing You) (Words)
Click feat. John Foster
Pure Records1989
I Can Do Without That (Losing You) (Words)
Click feat. John FosterPure Records1989