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Lovechild has been played on NTS shows including Mint Condition w/ Hotthobo , with I Let Go first played on 23 December 2017.

There is more than one band/artist called Lovechild. 1) lovechild was a hardcore punk band from Boston, MA formed in June 2013 featuring members of Cerce and of Debaser. Lovechild is no longer active as of 2016 and unofficially broke up in 2017.

2) LOVECHILD (also known as lovechild1999) is an underground rapper from South London, active since 2018.

3) ta-ku & roughsoul

4) Lovechild were an indie rock band from Northern Ireland, best known for the song The Siren. Music can be found…

I Let Go
Computa Games feat. Lovechild
Hobo Camp2017
I Let Go
Computa Games feat. LovechildHobo Camp2017