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Asend & Ultravibe

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Asend & Ultravibe

Asend & Ultravibe has been played on NTS shows including Ghost Notes Worldwide w/ Impey & O-Dessa, with Dred Bass (B2B Remix) first played on 19 January 2018.

Ascend is a collaborative musical project from California, United States between Gentry Densley (Iceburn, Eagle Twin) and Greg Anderson (Sunn O))), Goatsnake, Engine Kid, among others). Both have been making music that has crossed paths several times in the last 19 years. The most notable being during the 90s when Anderson’s band Engine Kid toured with and shared a split album with Densley’s band Iceburn. During that time both were heavily experimenting with the fusion of jazz…

Dred Bass (B2B Remix)
Dead Dred feat. Asend & Ultravibe (B2B mix)
Moving Shadow1994
Dred Bass (B2B Remix)
Dead Dred feat. Asend & Ultravibe (B2B mix)Moving Shadow1994