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MMM has been played over 10 times on NTS, first on 8 May 2018. MMM's music has been featured on 13 episodes.

There are multiple artists using the name Mmm.

1) Mmm is a Norwegian electropop duo (Ida Eline Tangen & Johanne Isefiær McDougall) 2) MMM is the collaboration of Fiedel and Errorsmith

1) The duo Mmm from Oslo, Norway plays lovely electropopmusic. Electro? Pop? Music? No, not in a Robyn vs Röyksopp-kind-of-way. Lean back and picture yourself on a beach on a beautiful summer day. If you add the Nordic coolness and some extremely catchy tunes, you have Mmm in a nutshell. You have to catch this act,…

Rock Your Baby (Featuring MMM)
Emerson Kitamura feat. MMM
EM Records2018
Rock Your Baby (Featuring MMM)
Emerson Kitamura feat. MMMEM Records2018