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50/50 Twin

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50/50 Twin

50/50 Twin has been played on NTS in shows including Screwboss Radio , featured first on 11 July 2018. Songs played include Street Fame.

50/50 Twin is a rapper from Houston, Texas. He is a member of the Color Changin' Click alongside Chamillionaire, Paul Wall, and several other rappers.

50/50 Twin

Real Name: Broderick "Russaw" Brown, also known as: 50 50, Tha Otha Half. He is serving 45 years for Aggravated assault.

Write: Broderick "Russaw" Brown #1054309 12120 Sauage Dr. "The Fergeruson Unit" Midway, TX 75852

Website(s): ;

Street Fame
Lil Mario feat. 50/50 Twin
Northstar Records, Swishahouse2000
Street Fame
Lil Mario feat. 50/50 TwinNorthstar Records, Swishahouse2000