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Jameson Raid

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Jameson Raid

Jameson Raid has been played on NTS in shows including Electric Warriors w/ J Bennett, featured first on 22 June 2017. Songs played include Do It The Hard Way.

I remember seeing jameson Raid many times at "The Greyhound" in Chadwell Heath, Essex on a Thurdsay night. Don't remember too much about them but they must have been good as I kept going back :)

the only song I can remember is "It's a crime" - accompanied by sirens and blue flashing lights.

Jameson Raid (1976 to 1982) were a fantastic live band playing really original Hard Rock music. They were later associated with the NWOBHM…

Do It The Hard Way
Jameson Raid
High Roller Records2010
Do It The Hard Way
Jameson RaidHigh Roller Records2010