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Nelstone's Hawaiians

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Nelstone's Hawaiians

Nelstone's Hawaiians has been played on NTS shows including Light in the Attic, with Fatal Flower Garden first played on 16 July 2018.

Nelstone's Hawaiians, a folk group formed in southern Alabama by steel guitarist Hubert Nelson and guitarist James D. Touchstone, recorded for Victor during the late '20s. The Hawaiian style of steel-guitar playing, popular during the '20s after Hawaii entered the Republic, featured on many of their recordings. Little else is known about Nelstone's Hawaiians, though the song "Fatal Flower Garden" was included on Harry Smith's 1952 folksong collection Anthology of American Folk Music. ~ John Bush, All Music Guide

Fatal Flower Garden
Nelstone's Hawaiians
Fatal Flower Garden
Nelstone's HawaiiansVictor1930