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The Figgs

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The Figgs

The Figgs has been played on NTS in shows including The Boxxx Report Show, featured first on 17 July 2018. Songs played include 1000 People Grinning.

The Figgs are a rock band out of Saratoga Springs, New York. First formed in 1987 (under the name "Sonic Undertones"), their output has included at least nine traditional full length albums (two on major labels in the mid 90s), multiple EPs and singles, a live album, and gigs backing Graham Parker since 1996 and on Graham's 2005 release Songs of No Consequence, as well as Tommy Stinson of The Replacements fame.

1000 People Grinning
The Figgs
1000 People Grinning
The FiggsStomper2013