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Jean-Baptiste Barrière

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Jean-Baptiste Barrière

Jean-Baptiste Barrière has been played on NTS in shows including NODE, featured first on 22 December 2016. Songs played include Chreode I.

There are two composers in time, who have been called Jean-Baptiste Barrière.

1) Jean-Baptiste Barrière (2 May 1707 – 6 June 1747) was a French cellist and composer. He was born in Bordeaux, and died in Paris, at 40 years of age.

Barrière first studied the viol, and published a set of viol sonatas. In due course however he became a skilled cellist during a period when the cello was gaining popularity over the viol in France, and later came to completely replace it,…

Chreode I
Jean-Baptiste Barrière
Chreode I
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