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Separation Anxiety

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Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety was first played on NTS on 17 December 2016. Songs played include Her Vanity.

Separation Anxiety is an Israeli based Atmospheric Death-Doom Metal band, Founded in 2009. By Slava Fedorov(Vocalist/Guitar), Meir Gur(Bass), Ilan Rashkevitch(Guitar) & Gal Yaffe(Drums). In this lineup The band released their first EP "Asylum" in January 2011 , With 5 new songs.

During the time, For personal reasons of the band members, some changes were made in the musician's panel. Now the lineup Includes, Slava in his original possition, Meir moved to the position of lead guitar. And two new band members Joined, Amitai Nissimov(Bass), Nir Lebershtein(Drums). Now they are working on their first Album…

Her Vanity
Separation Anxiety
Her Vanity
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