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Sweet Tee

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Sweet Tee

Sweet Tee has been played on NTS shows including Whodis? w/ 56 DJs, with As The Beat Goes On first played on 19 July 2018.

Sweet Tee (born Toi Jackson) is a rapper who signed to MCA Records in the 1980s. She scored minor chart success with her debut album It's Tee Time which peaked at number thirty-one on the US R&B album chart in 1988. Sweet Tee and her partner Jazzy Joyce influenced other female rappers, including Queen Latifah who remarked that she hadn't considered it possible to be a female rapper until she saw Sweet Tee rap and how popular she was in…

As The Beat Goes On
Sweet Tee
Profile Records1988
As The Beat Goes On
Sweet TeeProfile Records1988