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Jimmy Dorsey

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Jimmy Dorsey

Jimmy Dorsey has been played on NTS shows including RADIOOOOO.COM , with I'll Never Smile Again first played on 30 November 2016.

Jimmy Dorsey (February 29, 1904 – June 12, 1957) was born in Shenandoah, Pennsylvania, the son of a music teacher, but overshadowed by his younger brother Tommy Dorsey, the prominent musician. He played trumpet in his youth, appearing on stage in a Vaudeville act as early as 1913. He switched to alto saxophone in 1915, and then learned to double on clarinet.badboom

I'll Never Smile Again
Tommy Dorsey, Jimmy Dorsey
JSP Records2003
I'll Never Smile Again
Tommy Dorsey, Jimmy DorseyJSP Records2003