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Evil Moisture

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Evil Moisture

Evil Moisture has been played on NTS shows including After Dark w/ HELM, with Mr D.J. first played on 30 November 2016.

Andy Bolus (aka Evil Moisture) makes modified electronic toys, rewiring circuits such as those found inside children's talking computers and other electronic detritus, using the aleatoric sounds generated as source material for hi-speed cutup sound, as well as making installations. In addition he produces a catalogue selling these alien objects, and has exhibited them several times, most notably in Spiral Garden (Aoyama, Japan) in 1998, treesaresospecial (tokyo japan) & honsono (osaka japan) in 2005. They are also sold in shops such as Bimbo Tower (Paris),…

Mr D.J.
Evil Moisture
Harbinger Sound2005
Mr D.J.
Evil MoistureHarbinger Sound2005