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Franek Kimono

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Franek Kimono

Franek Kimono was first played on NTS on 28 October 2016. Songs played include Pożegnanie Franka.

Franek Kimono is a fictional character which was meant to be a polish version of Bruce Lee. It was created by Andrzej Korzyński, while Piotr Fronczewski (famous actor) played the role of martial-arts master from Poland.

The first EP, containing hits like "King Bruce Lee - Karate Mistrz" and "Dysk-Dżokej", saw daylight in 1983, and due to its great succes the first long-play was released a year later. Franek Kimono, despite being sort of a musical joke, made a huge succes in Poland. Great dose of humour and absurd…

Pożegnanie Franka
Franek Kimono
Pożegnanie Franka
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